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update log...

2024.05.31 Started tidying up the links page for Ancient Egypt and adding proper descriptions and informal comments on each site.

2024.04.30: Used Blog page for the first time. We'll see how often I actually update it.

2024.04.23: Created Customs pages. Trying to figure out the nicest way to arrange the Canadian Customs Tariff Schedule on a webpage... Why am I doing this to myself?

2023.01.20: Added all the News Break pages for my BravoNET clone

2022.10.26: Trying to work out dynasty directories, and layout for Pharaoh pages. Other minor edits.

2022.10.21: Added some links in BravoNET and started work on Who's Famous? page, rearranged some site folders, and started link dumping in Ancient Egypt.

2022.10.12: I make the mistake of creating a Bear Stearns Bravo BravoNET clone while trying my hardest to avoid using javascript. This is going just splendidly, as one can assume.

2022.09.??: Nancy Drew page created. Intended to eventually be an interactive desk space. List of my personally collected Nancy Drew books under construction.

2022.09.??: Blog page created, but not used.

2022.08.??: Worlds.com page is created.

2022.07.??: I realize I can hide in the back room at work and edit my site on the clock...
Multiple potential interest pages are created. Chao, Ancient Egypt, Frozen and a backup of the original index page for posterity.

2021.11.??: I return to neocites. Minor edits to site.

2018.??.??: Neocities user luficerslounge pleads for an update. I notice a year later, make some sort of minor edit, then promptly forget about the site yet again.

2014.03.25: Website created and promptly forgotten about.