Links and Further Reading


Digital Egypt for Universities - really awesome resource (what I want this site to be like eventually, though perhaps more navigable)
British Museum website for school children. Will be retired by the end of this year... (2022)
Canadian Museum of History neat old site
University of Chicago Oriental Institute Egypt Publications (only up to 2015 for some reason?)
Chronological list of *all* OI Publications
MFA Boston Giza Archives
ETANA - Electronic Tools And Near Eastern Archives
"The Ancient Egypt Site" (filled with weird ads? might be okay info though. neat to look through at least)
Egyptology Forum
SASA Ancient Studies Resources


The Writing of a Skillful Scribe: An Introduction to Hieratic Middle Egyptian Through the Text of the Shipwrecked Sailor searchable dictionary
Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Paul Dickson (2006) (Gardiner)
Egyptian Hieroglyphs online lessons


Only Free And Accessable Content Listed :)

(Learning French makes the life of an Egyptologist much easier... I'll sort out just English sources later)
Another compilation of journals, some of which only exist on and make it difficult to link here. recently updated.
Aegyptiaca. Journal of the History of Reception of Ancient Egypt
AEGYPTUS Rivista italiana di Egittologia e di Papirologia (Italian)
AERA Annual Reports
AERAGRAM Newsletter
The Ancient Egyptian Heritage and Archaeology Fund Newsletter
ANKH: Revue d'Egyptologie et des Civilisations africaines (French)
Annales du Service des antiquités de l'Egypte [ASAE] - Internet Archive (Mostly French. Some English articles.)
Annales du Service des antiquités de l'Egypte [ASAE] - Gallica (volumes 1-18)
Archäologie in Ägypten : Magazin des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts Kairo (Available in German and English)
British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan
Bulletin de liaison de la céramique égyptienne (French)
Bulletin de l'institut d'Égypte (French)
Bulletin de l'Institut Egyptien (French)
Bulletin du Cercle lyonnais d'égyptologie Victor Loret (French)
Bulletin of the Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East (ASTENE)
Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Cahiers Intégrés de Médecine Égyptienne (French)
Carnet de laboratoire en archéologie égyptienne (French)
CIPEG Journal: Ancient Egyptian & Sudanese Collections and Museums
Egypt and Austria Online Papers (German)
Egypt and Neighbouring Countries (Russian)
Egypt Exploration Society - Egyptian Archaeology (Magazine)
Egypt Exploration Society - The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 1914 - current
Egyptian journal of archaeological & restoration studies (EJARS)
Egyptian Museum, Cairo - Newsletter (Available in Arabic and English)
Egyptological - Online Magazine and Journal
L égyptologie: journal mensuel Magazine, 1874 - 1877, dedicated to The Papyrus of Ani (French)
エジプト学研究 - The Journal of Egyptian Studies (Ejiputogaku kenkyū) (Japanese)
ENIM: Égypte nilotique et méditerranéenne (French)
Interdisciplinary Egyptology
Internet-Beiträge zur Ägyptologie und Sudanarchäologie (German)
Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society "Ex Oriente Lux" (JEOL) (English, French, and German(?) articles)
The Journal of Ancient Egyptian Architecture
Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections
The Journal of Egyptological Studies (JES)
Journal of the Hellenic Institute of Egyptology (only oldest currently available)
Lingua Aegyptia - Journal of Egyptian Language Studies (only first 3 volumes free)
Medżat Studia Egiptologiczne / Medjat Egyptological Studies (Polish)
NeHeT: Revue numérique d'Égyptologie (French)
Nekhen News
Newsletter of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities
Ostrakon, Norsk egyptologisk selskaps bulletin (Norwegian)
PHOENIX: Bulletin uitgegeven door het vooraziatisch-Egyptisch Genootschap EX ORIENTE LUX (German? Dutch?)
Prazské egyptologické studie / Prague Egyptological Studies PES (Czech and English)
Egyptologues Bulletin d'Information Archéologique (BIA) (French and English. interesting site design...)
Revue de presse égyptienne (French and English. links to online articles? god I wish I were better with French)
Le Bulletin de l'Institut français d'archéologie orientale (French and English)
Trabajos de Egiptología / Papers on Ancient Egypt (Spanish and English)